EES was originally a standard oil field chemical company, but has diversified and expanded with some unique ventures.

These include electrostatic coatings ENDURO-BOND®
, a solid delivery system for liquid products, and enzyme enhancement of chemicals for increasing oil & gas production.

The solid chemical delivery system can be batch treated down hole or incorporated in with the frac sand in well stimulation applications. This helps provide a uniform and long lasting steady feed-back of treating chemical along with the produced fluids.

This is much more economical and effective, and offers several handling advantages as opposed to liquid chemicals.


The fundamental beliefs of EES as an organization start with defining our values. Our teams demonstrate respect, integrity, energy and enthusiasm to lead the oil, gas and agricultural industry when it comes to efficiency.


To provide our customers with better quality, more reliable products, and the best possible results while insuring safety of our customers and employees.


Dedicated to customer excellence, our customers are our guide as we engage industry; we focus on solutions and achieving results that matter to our customers.


EES standard liquid oil field chemical business has grown appreciably along with our solid chemical business. This is due part to some unique developments by EES, which have improved the performance of older chemical technology.

The Principals

Melvin B. Smith - CEO/President

Melvin B. Smith

Founder & CEO

Mr. Smith has over 50 years’ experience in Specialty Chemical/Services of the Oil & Gas Industry. Mel’s knowledge in Quality Control, Corrosion and Water Treating, Line Management and Product Management, has attributed to his success and growth within EES.

Ernestine Sell - CFO & Board Member of EES

Ernestine Sell

Chief Financial Officer and EES Board Member

Ms. Sell has over 20 years’ experience with financial management in day to day planning with costs. Since her hire in 2008, Ernie has contributed to the increasing of EES’s assets.

LEON JOYCE - National Accounts Director

Leon Joyce

Senior Vice President Sales

Mr. Joyce has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience.  Leon oversees the company’s EMC products and services for the Northern Division of the USA and Canada. Member of SPE.

E. DWYRE DURANT - Vice President International Operations

E. Dwyre Durant

Vice President International Operations

Mr. Durant has 45 years of successful and progressively responsible experience in the Specialty Chemical Industry and with certain production equipment. He is establishing and directing new business operations; solid foundation in dealing with International Importation/Exportation issues; identifying and developing new market opportunities and strategies to increase sales.  (Houston, Texas Office)


TODD JELINEK - Research & Development Director

Todd Jelinek

Executive Vice President & General Manager

Mr. Jelinek has 20 years’ experience in Research, Development and Sample Analysis in the arenas of Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences. arenas of Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences. Todd formerly was Director of Research and Development for EES.  Jelinek is a microbiologist with more than two decades of experience focused on enzyme research and is using that knowledge to ensure product enhancement and oversight to EES’s line of specialty chemicals and biotechnology products.  He has management experience under guidelines associated with EPA, FDA, GLP, GMP, ISO and AIHA.  His focus has been in enzyme research and will ensure product enhancement and oversight.  Todd has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and a minor in Chemistry.

Company History

We promise to safeguard your intellectual property, formulations, laboratory work, pilot and commercialization phase of all your chemical blending projects while you thrive in this century’s challenging environment.

EES is committed to flawless execution and delivery in handling your blending needs.

EES and its’ subsidiaries are uniquely suited to help you meet the challenges of the coming decades.


Moved Headquarters into a wholly owned building

Energy & Environmental Services moved from it leased location where it had been headquartered for decades to a wholly owned two story office space location just a mile down the road.


From Tradeshow To Valve Manufacture

At a trade show in Corpus Christi, Texas, EES representatives realized the concept instead of coating competitor’s valves to begin their own valve manufacturing company.

Within the year, EMC was incorporated to coat and manufacture, test with the highest standards of quality control, their own set of unique valves that have been sold worldwide paving the way for oil-field parts dealers around the country to sell EES powder-coated valves.


Expanded the manufacturing facility to Chickasha, the heart of what is known as the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province.

Its proximity to drilling customers and Interstate 44 made it feasible for both employees and customers.  The ENDURO-BOND®
plant manufactures powder covering for valve parts which is designed to prevent corrosion.