EES Agri-Tech Coming Soon

Company’s Enzyme-Enhanced Products Improve Oil and Gas Industry; Poised For Use In Agriculture

The use of enzymes, like those incorporated by Energy and Environmental Services, Inc., in a variety of their products, is improving liquid and solid fracing options for use down hole in the oil and gas industry. The use of enzymes to naturally work as catalysts for the needed reactions conducive to oil fracing production is a phenomenon that not only makes for a cleaner, greener operation, but improves the quality of the oil and water returning from the frac…The Journal Record January 24, 2015

Todd Jelinek, director of product development and research at EES says the focus of some of their recent research has been to examine enzyme development and how enzymes can replace chemicals in certain applications. The goal is to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals where possible. These new products help customers increase the productivity of oil fields by increasing volume and the condition of the oil extracted while at the same time reducing the potential for damage to the environment.


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