Acid Additives Example

EES develops and supplies innovative cost effective products that meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry. Our experienced custom chemical blending team will develop a treating program to resolve your oil and gas production issues in any phase of the process.

Our Acid Additives are Available in 8 product Lines:

Acid Inhibitors
Acid Emulsifiers
Acid Gelling Agents
Acid Retarders
Iron Sequestering Agent
Mutual Solvant

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  • Compatible with Cationic and Nonionic Inhibitors and Non-emulsifiers
  • Gelled Acid can be Prepared by Using Routine Mixing Procedures
  • Completely Stable with Respect to Time at Ambient Temperatures
  • Suspends Fines

AG-10 is a gelling agent for HCl acid solutions.

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