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  • EES Agri-Tech Coming Soon
    EcoZyme | AGRA-TECH
    This future site of EcoZyme™ EST will house some of the most innovative and safe products and technologies in the Industries of Agriculture, Livestock Feed Supplements...
    ENDURO-BOND® is a thermally bonded veneer that protects threads without compromising the makeup or tolerance of your connections. It is not a paint or plastic.
  • Acid Additives Example
    EES develops and supplies innovative cost effective products that meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry
  • Enduro-Tech®
    Our patented, economical and effective solid chemical delivery system that provides a uniform and long lasting steady feed-back of treating chemical along with the produced fluids.
  • Custom Blending & Toll Manufacturing
    EES manufactures products based on each customer's own formulations and specifications, but can assist in the development of new formulations as well
  • TherMel-Kem Well Treating System
    These units have proven successful in increasing production involving heavy oil, and paraffin problem wells through a combination of heat and EES solid chemical treatments.