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EcoZyme System Techonolgies (EST)

EST is a business that is dedicated to providing customers with the latest in enzyme technology and customized formulations. Ecozyme System Technologies is most innovative and safe products and technologies in the Industries of Agriculture, Livestock Feed Supplements / Products and Malodor Elimination.

Animal Nutrition

Bio Blend® consists of a synergistic consortium of targeted beneficial microorganisms, minerals, plants and animal by-products that are combined to produce a fermented feed grade product to supplement the animal diet.  

The production of quality meat and milk begins with healthy animals.  Modern animal feeds are predominately composed of plant material, mainly cereals and vegetable proteins.  Much of these ingredients cannot be fully digested and utilized, especially by monogastric animals.  

Enzymes increase the digestibility of these modern animal feeds, which improve feed to gain ratios for ruminants and monogastric animals alike.

Enzymes can provide more energy due to better utilization of nutrients which promotes healthy weight gain, enhances immune response, improves skin and coat condition, and increases and maintains vitality for ruminant and monogastric animals alike.

The balance of beneficial and potentially harmful bacterial in the animal gut is an important aspect in the overall health of an animal.  A healthy gut generally means a healthy animal.  The addition of a direct fed microbial supplement like Bio Blend® can help maintain this balance.

See the PDF from the initial Bio Blend® feed study for cattle.  

(On the PDF Link) The test subjects in the very first experimental group were sickly, malnournished and significantly underweight cows in varying conditions of health ranging from moribund to fair condition.  All cows tested showed rapid health recovery and significant weight gain by the end of the study.

H2S and Odor Removal

Hot Orange™ and FPE #3

Hydrogen cracking enzyme products for the removal of H2S and the elimination of foul odors!

Agra-Tech (Soil Conditioning)

Soil quality continues to degrade over many parts of the country.  Various additives have depleted the natural microbial population, which are necessary to process nutrients for uptake into plants and crops. 

As a result, overuse of conventional fertilizers occurs, which causes other soil issues such as salt and phosphate build-up.

Agra-Tech is being researched and developed to increase beneficial microbes within the soil and to detoxify from the overuse of conventional fertilizers. 

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