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Enduro-Tech Energy Services is excited to announce its newest and most innovative product yet, Solids Gen II, a partnership with renowned industry leader, Enkaps.
With its extended-release chemical delivery system, you can count on our Solids Gen II, powered by Enkaps, to provide protection to your wells with an increased 5x longevity rate.
Enduro-Tech Energy Services offers custom chemical blending and toll manufacturing designed to meet the specific needs of your project. 

Enduro-Tech Energy Services is proud to partner with Enkaps on this new disruptive technology. EnKaps is an oil and gas technology venture that develops, markets, and sells a new, tunable, extended-release chemical delivery system used by oil and gas companies in existing and new oil and gas wells to reduce operating costs, and increase production, improve well information and reduce environmental impact.

EnKaps is driven by an entrepreneurial team of oil and gas professionals with over four decades of applied downhole and unconventional well oil and gas experience.